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Robin Arzon Net Worth, Husband, Diet, Height, And More

Interested in how Robin Arzon, the dynamic Peloton instructor, author, and fitness influencer, has amassed a net worth of a staggering $10 million. This impressive figure isn’t just a result of her high-octane workouts and captivating presence in the fitness world. It encompasses the earnings she’s reaped from her Peloton career, lucrative book deals, and a lineup of esteemed sponsorships. 

Known for her electrifying classes that blend energy and challenge, Arzon has left an indelible mark in the fitness industry. She’s not just about sweat and strength; Arzon has also penned two empowering books, “Strong Is the New Sexy” and “Robin’s Reset.” Moreover, she’s proudly affiliated with notable brands such as Nike, Lululemon, and Equinox. So, let’s unravel the journey that has led Robin Arzon to her remarkable $10 million net worth in this article.

Robin Arzon Net Worth

As of November 3, 2023, Robin Arzon’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. She earns a significant income from her work at Peloton, as well as from her various brand partnerships and endorsement deals. In addition to her work at Peloton, Arzon co-founded the running apparel company Strivectin. She is also a best-selling author, having written two books on fitness and running: Shut Up and Run and Strong Mama.

Comparing Robin Arzon Net Worth With Other Influencers

Comparing Robin Arzon net worth, she is not as wealthy as some of the biggest influencers, such as Kayla Itsines and the Tone It Up Sisters, but she is still doing very well for herself. Overall, Robin Arzon is a successful fitness influencer with a net worth of $10 million. She is a role model for many women and inspires her followers.

Robin Arzon Baby

Robin Arzon and her husband, Drew Butler, have two children: a daughter, Athena, and a son, Atlas Sage. Athena was born in 2021, and Atlas Sage was born in 2023. Arzon has been open about her experiences as a working mother, and she has said that her children have taught her the importance of balance and perspective.

Robin Arzon Net Worth

In a recent interview, Arzon said, “My kids have taught me so much about myself and life. They’ve taught me to be more patient, present, and grateful. They’ve also taught me that it’s okay not to be perfect and to ask for help when I need it.”

Robin Arzon Wiki

Birth NameRobin Amelia Arzon
Net Worth$10 million
Age41 years old (as of 2023)
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Height5 feet 8 inches
HusbandDrew Butler
ProfessionPeloton instructor, author, speaker
Weight63 kg
Zodiac SignVirgo

Robin Arzon Diet

She is a vegan athlete who has been following a plant-based diet for over eight years. She credits her diet with giving her the energy and endurance to train for and complete ultramarathons.

Here is a sample of Robin Arzon’s vegan diet:

Breakfast: Smoothie made with spinach, kale, frozen berries, almond butter, and plant-based protein powder

Lunch: Salad with quinoa, chickpeas, roasted vegetables, and avocado

Dinner: Lentil soup with whole-wheat bread

Snacks: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds

Arzon also emphasizes the importance of hydration, and she drinks plenty of water throughout the day.

Arzon’s diet is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and it is low in processed foods and saturated fat. This is a healthy diet for anyone, but it is especially beneficial for athletes who need to refuel and recover quickly.

Robin Arzon Husband And How Old Is He

Robin Arzón’s husband is Drew Butler. He is an investment manager, and he is also a runner and fitness enthusiast. There is no public information available about Drew Butler’s age, but he is estimated to be in his early 40s. Arzón and Butler met in 2016 and got married in 2019. They have two children together: a daughter named Athena and a son named Atlas Sage.

Robin Arzon Net Worth

Arzón has said that her husband is her biggest supporter and that he helps her to balance her career and family life. In a recent interview, Arzón said, “I’m so grateful for Drew. He’s my best friend and my partner in crime. He’s always there for me, no matter what.”

Robin Arzon Rie To Fame

Robin Arzón rose to fame as a Peloton instructor. She joined the company in 2014 when it was still in its early stages. Arzón was one of the first Peloton instructors to develop a following, and she quickly became one of the most popular instructors on the platform.

Arzón’s rise to fame can be attributed to a number of factors, including:

Her motivational teaching style: Arzón is known for her high-energy and motivational teaching style. She is able to push her students to their limits while still making them feel supported and encouraged.

Her ability to connect with her students on a personal level: Arzón is open and honest about her struggles with fitness and body image. This allows her to connect with her students on a personal level and make them feel seen and heard.

Her success as an ultramarathon runner: Arzón is a successful ultramarathon runner, having completed over 20 ultramarathons. This gives her credibility as a fitness instructor and shows her students that she knows what it takes to train for and complete challenging endurance events.

Arzón’s popularity on Peloton has led to other opportunities, including:

Book deals: Arzón has written two books on fitness and running: Shut Up and Run and Strong Mama.

Brand partnerships: Arzón has brand partnerships with a number of fitness and lifestyle brands, including Lululemon and Strivectin.

Public speaking: Arzón is a popular public speaker, and she has given talks at conferences and events all over the world.

Arzón is an inspiration to her followers, and she is a role model for women and athletes everywhere. She is living proof that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Robin Arzon Family

Robin Arzón is married to investment manager Drew Butler. They have two children together: a daughter, Athena, and a son, Atlas Sage.

Robin Arzón, Drew Butler, and their daughter Athena. Arzón has said that her family is her top priority, and she is grateful for their support. She has also said that her children have taught her the importance of balance and perspective.

Arzón’s family is an important part of her life, and they are often featured on her social media accounts. She shares photos and videos of her family enjoying time together, and she talks about how much they mean to her. Arzón is a role model for working mothers, and she is an inspiration to her followers. She shows her followers that it is possible to have a successful career and a happy family life.


Robin Arzón's husband is Drew Butler. He is an investment manager and a fitness enthusiast.

Robin Arzón is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Robin Arzón has two children: a daughter named Athena and a son named Atlas Sage.

Robin Arzón's favorite fitness activity is running. She is an ultramarathon runner, and she has completed over 20 ultramarathons.

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