Uncovering The Net Worth Of Will Ramos American Vocalist 

American musician Will Ramos is most known for being the deathcore band Lorna Shore’s lead singer. He learnt harsh vocals by imitating the heavy metal music he liked as a child while growing up in a tiny town in New Jersey. In 2020, Ramos became a touring vocalist for Lorna Shore before being hired as a permanent band member. He provided the vocals for the death metal band Euclid and the metalcore band Monument of a Memory. Explore the fascinating net worth of Will Ramos and discover the achievements of this talented musician.

Ramos has contributed vocals as a guest for various bands and his work with Lorna Shore. He has also made an appearance on Elizabeth Zharoff’s YouTube channel The Charismatic Voice. He occasionally uploads vocal renditions of songs by other performers and one-take performances of Lorna Shore tunes to YouTube. Ramos collaborated with several prominent deathcore vocalists on the Project: Vengeance supergroup project, which debuted its first song in March 2023.

Will Ramos Net Worth

American vocalist. Will Ramos has a net worth of about $10 million as of 2023. But precisely how did he come by his wealth?

Will Ramos Net Worth

Will Ramos Sources of Income

Will Ramos’ music profession is one of the primary sources of his riches. As a top performer, he makes a sizable income through record sales, concert tours, and performance-based royalties. His net worth has also increased due to his several endorsement deals with well-known companies.

Will Ramos’ Early Life And Career

The lead singer of the deathcore band Lorna Shore, Will Ramos, was raised in a small New Jersey hamlet close to New York City and was born in 1993 or 1994. He has three half-sisters, all of whom are at least fifteen years older than him, and both of his parents are from Puerto Rico.

Ramos has always had a deep love for music and began playing very young. He mimicked heavy metal music at fourteen and mastered screaming and harsh vocals. Friends who exposed him to bands like Bullet for My Valentine, Lamb of God, and Whitechapel sparked his early interest in darker music.

Around 2014 or 2015, Ramos began his musical career by playing shows with his first band; the metalcore outfit Secrets Don’t Sleep. He then joined the deathcore group A Wake In Providence, which had already toured with Lorna Shore before Ramos’ entrance. Additionally, he freelanced in the film industry.

Will Ramos Net Worth

Ramos made his stage debut with Lorna Shore in March 2020, taking CJ McCreery’s place during the group’s European tour alongside Decapitated, Beyond Creation, Ingested, and Viscera. The COVID-19 pandemic ultimately forced a cancellation of the tour. Soon after, the group decided to work with him to record the EP…And I Return to Nothingness to gauge how well he would fit in. Due to the EP’s success, Ramos joined the group as a permanent vocalist in June 2021.

Ramos has contributed guest vocals to bands besides Lorna Shore, such as Brand of Sacrifice and Distant. She also sang on the song “Trag3dy” from Nothing, nowhere’s album Void Eternal. Additionally, he has collaborated with several other deathcore vocalists on the supergroup project Project: Vengeance, whose original name was The Big Six. The group will release their debut single, “Cut. Bleed. Repeat.” in March 2023.

Ramos is passionate about music and is constantly improving his abilities. On YouTube, he occasionally shares one-take renditions of songs by Lorna Shore and vocal versions of songs by artists like Sleep Token, Chelsea Grin, and Spiritbox. Additionally, he has collaborated with Elizabeth Zharoff on several videos for her “The Charismatic Voice” YouTube channel, where he offers insight into the anatomical processes that result in the different growling, screaming, and squealing sounds he uses in his music.

Will Ramos Rise To Fame

Will Ramos Net Worth

The success of Will Ramos is a convincing illustration of the value of perseverance and challenging effort. He struggled to refine his art and advance his musical aptitude from modest beginnings. His adventure began with creating a band, where he demonstrated his vocal talent and attracted the interest of business experts. Because of this, he was able to contract with a record company and release his debut album, which became a commercial hit and propelled him to fame. 

Ramos has significantly influenced the music business, and his distinctive sound and manner set him apart from his peers. Despite his success, he maintains a humble and grounded demeanour, constantly aiming to push the limits of his artistic expression and establish a personal connection with his audience. His ascent to stardom is a great inspiration and proof of the value of pursuing your goals.


He probably makes a sizable living through live performances, record sales, and merchandise as the lead singer of Lorna Shore and a rising star in the deathcore scene.

Will Ramos was born in the United States. Specifically, he grew up in a small town in New Jersey near New York City.

He is not wed as of 2023.

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