Willa Fitzgerald Net Worth, Career, Life, Relationships And More

Willa Fitzgerald net worth is around $5 million as of 2023. She has been causing a stir in the field with her mesmerizing performances. In this blog post, we’ll know actress Willa Fitzgerald net worth and her fascinating life, illuminating her achievements, professional apex points, and financial success. So let’s start a fascinating investigation into the life and fortune of this accomplished actress.

Willa Fitzgerald Net Worth

In entertainment, a performer’s ability and reputation are frequently determined by their ability to make money. Her remarkable net worth reflects the success of Willa Fitzgerald’s career and the recognition she has received for her many roles and accomplishments.

Industry sources estimate Willa Fitzgerald net worth around $5 million, even though precise sums surrounding celebrities’ net worth are not often made public. This considerable sum demonstrates her success and the need for her talents as an actress.

Comparing Willa Fitzgerald Net Worth With Other Celebs

Comparing Willa Fitzgerald net worth with other actresses can give you a sense of her financial standing within the entertainment industry. As of the information provided:

  • Willa Fitzgerald: $5 million
  • Bella Thorne: $12 million
  • Zendaya: $20 million

In the above comparison, both Bella Thorne and Zendaya have higher reported net worths than Willa Fitzgerald.

Willa Fitzgerald Early Life And Education

American actress Willa Fitzgerald born on january 17 1991 is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. Fitzgerald was born and bred in this thriving metropolis, where she also found her love for the performing arts. She attended the renowned Harpeth Hall School, a private girls’ college prep school, where she gained a broad education and developed her artistic abilities. She left Harpeth Hall School in 2009 with the knowledge and motivation to follow her aspirations.

willa fitzgerald net worth

After establishing a solid academic foundation, Fitzgerald moved on to Yale University to complete her study. Her 2013 Bachelor of Arts in theatre studies graduation speaks volumes about her passion for improving her trade. During her stay at Yale University, she learned more about the nuances of acting and was given a priceless opportunity to hone her abilities.

Willa Fitzgerald Wiki

Full NameWilla Fitzgerald
Net Worth$5 Million
Age32 (as of 2023)
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1991
Height5 feet 5 inches

Relationships And Personal Life

Fitzgerald, who is currently single, previously had a relationship with chef and co-founder of Plant People Gabe Kennedy. Even though their relationship was discreet, it caught the media’s and fans’ attention. The length and circumstances of their relationship are yet unknown, though.

Fitzgerald has a lovely puppy named Goose that holds a special place in her heart and her relationships. On her Instagram, she routinely posts cute pictures of Goose, giving followers a window into their relationship and the happiness they provide to one another’s life. These posts show the actress’s affection for her canine companion and give followers a peek into her private life.

Fitzgerald's Dog Goose

Fitzgerald appreciates her privacy, but her sporadic social media posts—especially those featuring her dog Goose—let admirers see into her private life. These adorable pictures show how much the actress loves her pet and give her fans a chance to get to know her better.

Early Career And Breakthrough Roles

In the 2008 film “For the Love of a Dog,” Fitzgerald made her acting debut. Her talent and potential were highlighted in this early position, laying the groundwork for a successful career. She made her television debut in 2013, holding viewers’ attention as Lola Laffer in “Big Battles of World War II.”

A critical career-turning moment for Fitzgerald occurred in 2014. In the USA Network television series “Royal Pains,” they cast her in a recurring role as Emma Miller, a character. Thanks to this chance, she demonstrated her acting skills to a larger audience. She then established her reputation in the television industry.

Fitzgerald’s talent and adaptability led to guest spots in well-known programs like “Blue Bloods,” “The Following,” and “Gotham.” She showed off her versatility as an actress and broadened her acting resume thanks to these guest assignments.

Stepping Into Prominent Roles And Projects

Fitzgerald landed major parts in essential projects as her career grew and flourished. She joined the cast of Lucky McKee’s 2017 film “Blood Money” (formerly known as “Misfortune”) in 2017. Fitzgerald had the chance to display her acting prowess in a prominent part of this thriller movie, further solidifying her place in the film business.

Willa Fitzgerald behind the scenes

Fitzgerald was also cast as Navy pilot Roxanne Daly in the 2017 Fox series pilot “Behind Enemy Lines.” Fitzgerald’s ability to handle a variety of nuanced characters was on full display in the pilot, even if it was not picked up as a series.

In the miniseries adaption of “Little Women,” adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s cherished book, Fitzgerald was cast as Meg that same year. She worked with a superb cast on a timeless subject while demonstrating her acting skills in a historical drama environment.

Recent Projects And Career Milestones

Here are Willa Fitzgerald’s most recent projects:

  • Reacher (2022): Fitzgerald played Officer Roscoe Conklin in the first season of the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher, which premiered in February 2022.

  • Joe Baby (2023): Fitzgerald starred in the noir thriller Joe Baby, which was released in theaters on March 10, 2023.

  • Desperation Road (2023): Fitzgerald starred in the thriller Desperation Road, which was released in theaters and on-demand on October 6, 2023.

In addition to these projects, Fitzgerald is also currently filming the thriller Strange Darling, which is scheduled to be released in 2024.

The Inspiring Legacy Of Willa Fitzgerald

Young performers worldwide are inspired by Willa Fitzgerald’s rise from an aspiring actress to a well-known figure. Her perseverance, adaptability, and passion paved the way for her achievements. She is a motivating example of how hard work and determination can lead to realizing ambitions. Fitzgerald is a perfect example of the benefits of talent, hard work, and a genuine passion for one’s profession.


The name of Willa Fitzgerald's dog is Goose.

Willa Fitzgerald started her acting career with the role of Vivian in the film "For the Love of a Dog" in 2008 and made her television debut as Lola Laffer in "Big Battles of World War II" in 2013.


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